I sent this article to my Business partner, Adam Gray and he said:-

"The idea that the creation of “corporate content” will move from a centralised marketing function to customer facing staff is, we think, an inevitability of embracing a social selling ethos within a business."

He went onto say:-

"My concern however, with this type of ”insight” is that it’s almost sponsored / corporate content from the martech companies.  As we know Oracle, Adobe, SFDC,, Sitecore etc are all offering a solution which “solves the problem” so organisations don’t need to take any unpleasant medicine…that’s not reality.  The embedded / absorbed chart at the bottom is utter rubbish, it say/means nothing other than suggesting you need to buy more tech to support the shift."

In summary, is Martech helping us or hindering us?

If we know that people don't look at adverts, they hate unsolicited emails and we hate cold calls.  All Martech gives us is 1990 marketing, hard and faster.

On the basis we hate this type of marketing, why are we investing in it?  While Marketing (and social media) will certainly de-centralise, this is not about stuffing buyers with corporate content, but enabling people to engage on social media.