I've seen so many sales and marketing teams struggle with the legacy prospecting methods of the past.

We can argue if sales has or hasn't changed, but being digital allows us to do things far more efficient and effective, and get a better result.  A great metaphor would be the way in the past people used to take rugs outside and beat them to get rid of the dust. and there is nothing wrong in that.  It's just simpler and easier to buy a vacuum cleaner today.  Better result in half the time.

There are so many articles like this that talk about sales and marketing working together and why we should do it.  I was with a CEO of a training organisation this week that said that sales and marketing should work together.  But nobody says how this will work.

Until, Adam, Hugo and I wrote "Smarketing - How to Achieve Competitive Advantage Through Blended Sales and Marketing".  This book isn't a why, it's a how.

It provides practical steps on how, you as a business, can merger you sales and marketing teams to meet the challenges of the modern buyer.  Even if you don't want to merge them, it provides step by step guidance on how the two departments can start working closer together.  How to do it.  What might go wrong and how to manage that.

Available on Amazon platforms worldwide.