We often see articles (not this one by the way) where companies pitch the skills of yesteryear.  The only reason why we think people do this is, because they sell those services.  No shit Sherlock you are probably thinking.

But hold on a minute, it seems to us that that these companies are not interested in helping a company per ca, they are interested in taking your money.  

For example, If you contact an agency for cold calling training they will give that to you.  Regardless that cold calling hasn't been used in the B2B Enterprise space for a number of years (apart from the fact that there are more efficient and effective methods) and it makes you look old world and desperate!

Our job as providers to clients is to help and advice clients as to the best output for them.  Here at DLA we often walk away from business if we cannot see a way to "add value" to a client.  As CEO of DLA I need clients that will advocate and refer us.  It's critical for us for our clients to "see a difference and a return".  We don't say that clients need to make an ROI, clients have to know they have made an ROI.

Business is advancing at an accelerating rate, the old tools which worked in the old days of interruption and broadcast, so advertising, unsolicited emails, cold calling, events, people won't stand for anymore.  Now I've said, people as often the modern buyer is a person just like us.  We don't like being interrupted by cold callers or cold emails.  We all know it's thing of the past.

My call to action is for companies to stop training people on the past, what got you here won't get you there.  The world has changed and we need to be equipping clients on the skills and capabilities for today and the future.