So what you going to do?

Mark Zuckerberg has spoken and Facebook (and Snapchat has followed suit) that friends and family will be prioritised over corporate posts and adverts.

The celebs, the facebook ads Gurus are all up in arms.  But I see this as a natural maturity of social networks.  Why is over 40% of the world's population on social?  Because we want to be there.

We want to interact with our friends, family and our networks.  We are not interested in your company or its products.  (Sorry)  And we don't want to see Ads, they are so last century anyway.

It's time to engage the workforce on social.  Start with the sales team (you will see a revenue impact) which will help to finance the rest of the project.  Then start engaging the rest of the business.  Marketing, Procurement, Supply Chain, Human Resources etc.  Social can be used right across the company.  Of course don't forget the C-Suite.

What are you waiting for?