This article explains you and systems requirements to make sure you are GDPR compliant. 

If you didn't know GDPR brings together current data protection law under one "umbrella".  For example, GDPR includes the "right to be forgotten" law.

So if you are in Europe, sell into Europe or have European employees then you need to comply.

So If I want to be forgotten then you have to delete me from every single system you have, even spreadsheets hidden away on their laptops.  

Like Health and Safety, Diversity, Bribery and Data Protection, GDPR is something that all employees are responsible for.  And "I didn't know" isn't a defence in a court of law.

Here's an article on how we are at DLA have become GDPR compliant and we also offer a free powerpoint.

How as a Small Business We Became GDPR Compliant via @DigitalLeadersA