I have been watching the new Obi Wan with the wife on Disney Plus. It’s had some negative reviews but we have really enjoyed (it has also reignited the wife's love affair with Ewan McGregor).

It’s a classic tale of master and student of good vs evil. You know how this story plays out!

There are so many parallels to social I almost don’t know where to begin..

Okay you got me 🤣

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

There were companies, they needed revenue so they created industry and this functioned well but over time it became evil and untrustworthy.

It became an Empire.

Now at the head of this Empire was the Evil Darth Vader. But Vader didn’t start out like that.

He was transformed and twisted by the dark side of the force. I’m sure you started out in business with aspirations. You actually had a meaningful desire to want to change the world with your products and services.

But over time the money became the focus and your values eroded.

And all the things that got you you there got lost along the way. Your company became a hollow shell of what it once was and now it needs a respirator to keep it alive.

The Jedi are truly Social.

Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things

They understand the uniqueness inherent in all of their employees. They champion them and train them in the ways of the force to become social. 

Giving your teams the tools they need to not just survive in a post covid (more digitally connected world) but thrive.

See sales and marketing (as you knew it) has changed beyond all recognition. Personal brands are winning on social day in and day out over your company (let’s face it no one really roots for the empire do they, but a rebellion… just maybe?).

When you allow your social padawans to embrace (and this goes deeper than you can possibly fathom) who they are and unlock their force powers there isn’t a Sith in the Galaxy who can stand up to them.

Powers like generating more sales and pipeline than you can imagine, increasing your visibility and your credibility as a company.

Not only that but improving your staff retention rates and overall happiness (look at where all that anger got old Anakin) AND becoming the employer of choice for your industry.

Who wouldn't want that?

Good always triumphs over evil and on social this is even more evident. If you have strong values, good morals and ethics you will trounce the big boys who are terrified to let any of their employees anywhere near social.

And by giving them guidance and letting explore their voice this begins to happen!

"63% of buyers also say that thought leadership is important in providing proof that an organisation genuinely understands or can solve your business challenges”.

When experts are allowed to demonstrate their expertise through original thought leadership content on social they do far more damage than any Stormtrooper marketing department ever could.

The sheer scale and volume of content that social needs has to be down to your employees, marketing simply cannot keep up with that demand any more.

The darkside is strong, but the lightside is more powerful than you can possibly imagine.Question is which one will you choose? Light or dark? The darkside is quicker, easier and more seductive in the short term but it won’t win in the long term.

For that you need Jedis and there is no better time to start than now. 

As Yoda says Do. Or do not. There is no try

See you next week and may the force be with you...