The GOLD in amongst other great ways of building trust and giving back to your network and community to stand out from your peers.

Once a week is all you need, in amongst the rest of your content plan.

Writing articles gives you kudos in your sector and your discipline.

You will raise not only your profile and expertise but SEO status.

Keep doing this and you will remain on the top of that pile.

Do you want likes and comments?
Do you want the right like and comments?

Do all the others strategic actions right, and you will get this.

Articles are what makes you a trusted advisor.
The shows us you can solve our challenge or partner with us.

We can listen to your knowledge and trust you as a person.

So, once a week, tell us about you, your passion in your field of work, why you do what you do, and what you and your team can offer from your knowledge in your chosen sector.

Lead the way. Start writing.

Good luck and enjoy it.

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