When I first became a Dad, I did what all Dads do, I carried around a photo of my new baby.  At every instance I could I took it out and showed it to people.

"Hey, Tim" people would say, "how are you?"

and I would whip out my photo of my baby and show it to them

"Hey Tim" and I would whip out the photo.

It's then I realised that something was wrong.  People would pull a face and then hide the face they pulled.  ......

Have you ever looked at a baby and realised it was pretty ugly?  

I'm sure the baby will grow up to be a supermodel, but right then.  It wasn't what I would call angelic.

My baby is mine not yours

Of course, I'm so proud of my baby.  We all are all proud of our children and protective to them.  They are, after all, partley us.

We have invested time in it's, cough, creation, it's gestation and hopefully we were there when it arrived.  Complications and all.  But we love it, we have invested time in it and we want to tell people about this lovely new creation.

We know that people will nod and tell us it's the most beautiful baby they have ever seen.  Them knowing full well, it isn't the most beautiful baby they have ever seen, because their baby is way more beautiful. 

I'm sure a number of you are nodding, you have been there, either had that ugly baby thrust in front of you and you have had to say "oh, how lovely, yes it certainly has a pair of lungs, maybe it will be an Opera singer, when it grows up?"

Knowing for well, that your children, are far better.

It's just like content marketing

Just like of all that content you have created and nurtured telling people about your products and services.

You have invested in all that new Martech, so people can take all of that lovely content and you can place it under as many noses as you can.

Just like my baby photo, if I could just show it to one more person, they will tell me how wonderful it it and I will be validated as a great dad.  Maybe I will even win an award?  For the baby and the marketing.

The baby is ugly

I'm sorry to say, that know body is interested in your content that telling people about your products, your services.  The more you share it, the more it adds to the noise and the more your company looks old fashioned.

In our training, we always ask people, who is the most important person in the world?

The answer, of course is. "I am".

We know this is true, because whenever we get a school photo, the first person we look for is ourselves.

All the corporate content is about you and not about me.

If this is a useful piece of content for your network, please share or tag people that might find it of interest. 

In case my parents or any of my friends read this, I haven't just become a parent, it's a metaphor.  Sorry mum!