Blockchain, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, etc are technologies, they are not business goals.  In many cases, if you took IBM Watson, it was a solution looking for a problem.

This is not how we run businesses if we still want to be around in 5 years time.

Digital projects need to be measurable and tied to business goals.  Such as 

- Reducing costs

- Increasing Profit

- Increasing revenue

- Competitive Advantage

You may well have a Blockchain project, but it needs to be proving (in a measurable way) a business goal to your business.

For example, or social selling program will give a business a 30% increase in incremental (new) revenue and a 40% reduction in sales cycles.

Our Social Human Resources (HR) program will strip out cost in your HR department, in other words you can provide better employee experience for less cost.  For example, reducing the cost of recruitment.  You get the best talent, at less cost.

This is what end-to-end digital transformation with social is all about.  Providing better customer experience and employee experience at lower cost.

Now that is what all business leaders want.  Greater relevance in the digital world at lower cost.