When Adam, Alex and I started Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) dlaignite.com we were asked by one of our clients what our global roll out of social selling capability was.

They explained, they wanted our social selling methodology but delivered in Germany, in German by Germans.  Delivered in Mexico by Mexicans etc.

What they didn't want (which seems to be the strategy of other vendors) is a US (or UK) cookie cutter, implemented across the world.

In fact, every company we have spoken to, they have all agreed this.  Flying out people from a North American company does not scale and will local sensitivities.  Like the use of WeChat in Asia and Xing in DECH etc.  This isn't what global companies want.

As a business we therefore went about creating a global capability network.  We now have trained teams that can implement out programs across the Northern Hemisphere, which equates to some 500 people.

Think of it as 500, Tim, Adam and Alexs (I know that is a scary proposition :) ) but we have trained all our partners to have the same knowledge, skill and ability to transform sales people to use social selling as their main prospecting and deal acceleration methodology.

You will see them on-line exhibiting the same behaviours you would expect of us and they work with clients with the same diligence as us.

This has enabled us in just three years, from a couple of people based in London to be the only global Social Selling company in the world.  Sorry if this comes across as a boast, but we are very proud of this and proud we can serve our clients with the repeatability and predictability they would expect.

The job isn't finished, there is still room for more companies to join us.  Social Selling is exploding across the world as more and more companies realise that legacy sales methods just don't work anymore.

We are looking for additional companies to come and join us.  With new products and services being announced the opportunity to get in early and be part of the revolution is a great opportunity for a company like yours maybe?

After all you have three choices:-

1. Do nothing and fall by the way side.

2. Build something and you are already three years behind.

3.  Buy in a program, which is already in use and used by global companies around the world.

Exciting times!