Digital is changing the world.  Digital finds its own level.  Digital is not IT change, it is finding new efficiencies and effectiveness from the way that the internet, mobile and social provide us.

We now have a predictable and repeatable program for transforming clients to digital.  Starting in Sales (the revenue generating part of the business) we launch our social human resources module in September and will continue with new modules so we can transform the whole of the enterprise.

In addition to that, we can provide measurement.  What do we mean?  How digital are you?  Being digital isn't just about moving to Cloud.  But how digital are your employees and your processes.  This is a fundamental step-change in digital transformation.  Away from the "money pit" to a real predictable program of revenue generation, that can be measured with real Governance.

Strategy lead, a business will see real people and process change, a real "more for less" situation.

Now that is a different approach to a digital operating model.

And of course, from a company that was born digital, rather than a consultancy that talks digital, but does not walk digital.

Why not challenge us.