I'm not aware we have ever been involved in an "agency pitch", partly because we are not a marketing agency, but we are often pulled in to sort out the issues that have been caused by a marketing agencies.

Adam Gray, my Co-Founder and I were pulled into a call about "Influencer Marketing" we listened for half an hour as somebody from "The New York agency" talked utter twaddle.  They had no idea what influencer marketing was if it got up and smacked them in the face.  It would have been a total waste of money.

We've been asked judgement on spend on adverts, sponsorship, events, cold calling, spray and pray email campaigns, all stuff that we know and the client knows when you ask them just does not work anymore.

And here's a thing, why are we spending this money when we know it does not work?

The other day one of the DLA team shared on our internal Slack group that somebody was holding a cold calling day and publicizing the fact on social (ironic I know).  Here you have a company that are telling everybody they have run out of ideas as a sales and marketing team and are desperate!  Why else would you run a cold calling day?

We all know the world has changed, we need to stop spending on things that don't work anymore and hoping that things have changed.  Hoping that the internet will go away, hoping that social media will be banned by politicians and hoping that we will get up tomorrow and we won't have mobile phones.

Phil Stubbs one of the team here talks about the fact we have all worked into a room and the door has shut behind us.  There is no going back.