Great article, one are they have not mentioned is the use of social media, or the lack of use of social media.

Certainly in the UK before a company went bust there was a flurry of adverts.  We all know that nobody looks at ads anymore.  We fast forward through them on the television.  Netflix even stopped showing them as they knew it was pointless.

We use ad-blockers or we just filter them out in our heads.  We just don't look at adverts anymore.  In fact we don't like any type of interrupt marketing, cold calling, unsolicited emails and thankfully too we can block these through the use of technology or legislation, for example GDPR.

So while in the past people may have called and called or emailed and emailed they no longer can as they are blocked.  In fact, many CMOs tell us "marketing doesn't work anymore".

So what's the answer?

Social Media of course.  Where is it that your customers and prospects are, on social of course.

One of our clients not only is using social as a way to find and close multi-million deals, they also have a competitive strategy underway, where they are going to pull the rug from under the competition.

The competition, won't know what will have hit them and will never be able to catch up.

Happy prospecting!