I'm positively scared if you are looking to articles like this for help at the start of the new year.  It scares me that you must be so far behind that you are going to need help to catch up.

Here are 5 things from 2019, rather than 1980 that can help you.  This is, after all the age of the internet, social media and mobile.

1. Buyer Centric Profile - It's time to spend the next few days, not telling everybody about yourself, your products and you company.  Nobody cares, in fact in turns people off.  Build your Linkedin profile so that if a buyer finds you, then you look interesting, helpful, insightful, not a salesperson and human.  It does not matter how you prospect, everybody will check you out and I'm sorry, but trying to sell people shit, will lose you more deals than it will gain you.

2. Build a Network - A network, not some contacts.  Connect with people and tell them why you want to connect.  Let's not forget, if you say "I want to sell you shit" you will be ignored.

3. Share content - What I want as a client is a person that understands my business issues, understands my market, my industry.  Find content and share it.

4. Blog - We find that salespeople that blog are more successful than those that don't.  It's simple, as a client I want to work with the best, most insightful sales people.  I want a long term relationship.  Blogging is easy, this is a blog.  One idea, 300 words and I haven't try to sell you shit or told you about my company.  If you are interested in what I'm saying you will do that for yourself.  It's the sales people that blog that are winning in 2019.

5.  Referrals - Don't think that your network is people you want to sell to.  I found a prospect for our North American reseller and point out this prospect was connected to a mate of his.  If you contact people direct you are "just another sales person", why not get referred through a mate.  A good reason to have a strong network.

Do these 5 things in the spare time you have before customers get back in the New Year and 2019 will be a success.