I passionately believe that many more once great organisations will disappear over the next decade not (as the consultancy firms would have you believe) because they were unable to adapt to the pace of change, but because they had taken advice from highly educated and experienced consultants that believed they had the answers.

They don't. We work with some of these large firms and we struggle to teach them the basics of digital disruption because they labour under the misapprehension that disruption happens in a "digital lab" in THEIR business rather than across the entire workforce of their clients.

They hand out advice based on what they have read rather than what they do (you need only look at their own person digital brands) and they believe that this advice is sound, practical and achievable.

It isn't. It is like the new graduate trainee who thinks they know everything because they memorised last year's textbook and have lots of experience of thinking but absolutely none of doing.

Wake up and consider who should be advising you are they drinking the cool aid or are they simply spinning you a yarn?