Good article on Digital Transformation, very balanced, between understand there are three elements at play here, people, process and technology.

The biggest surprise we have is the way that projects and budget seem to be allocated but senior figures such as the Board in Europe and C-Suite in the US are not involved.

I'm not sure if people lower in the organisation have realised that have to just get on and do it otherwise the business won't be relevant anymore.

Social Media has transformed the world, from Marketing, Sales, Procurement, Finance, Supply Chain, Human Resources and in replacing email.  Social is now used by pretty much all businesses but in a tactical role.

Now is the time to change this, to make it strategic in the organisation and gain the business benefits, incremental revenue and competitive advantage.

This isn't about teaching the CEO how to use Twitter, this is about getting the Board to understand the business changes that have taken place with the change in buyer.  And the disfunction in the buyer process.