When Adam and I started Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) some 18 months ago we decided to be located in London.  Probably because we live here, that said I totally understand why this article has London as the number one hotspot outside of Silicon Valley.

I'm not saying that Paris, Singapore, Munich, Tel-Aviv are less good.  In fact I love P, M and TA ... and we visit Singapore next week.

But a great location isn't everything, Adam and I knew that from day one we needed to be global and using the power of social, it wasn't long before we were.  We have entered into a perfect storm where it's now "obvious" that the old ways don't work anymore and a clear argument of efficiency, effectiveness and ROI, enables us to help clients move to "the new".  And none of these random acts of social in the sales department.

In fact, in Chicago last week it once again validated that training with a deck of slides or over the web does not work.

So where am I going with this?

We have got to the stage where the growth means we are looking for people.  I'm not going to say what skills as that might be as that might restrict your thinking.  We also don't need a CV, just connect with me over social.