The Hollies released a version of the song "The Air That I Breathe" in 1974.  I was 9.  I remember (probably over thinking) but why was this person only wanting to breathe air and being with somebody when there was Lego, building dens and spelling tests.  As you can see I had a childhood under pressure.

Fast forward to 2018, why would somebody say that all they need is the air to breathe and social media?  I'm a busy person and I have email newsletters to send and events to organise.

The thing is, life has moved on, all caused by the internet and mobile phones.  Years ago, we read all our emails, we don't anymore.  Years ago we went to events, we don't anymore.  Years ago we rang a company and asked them to send a brochure and then were happy to wait three days before it arrived. Nobody does that anymore.

We have access to information on the internet and social media and we want it now. 51% of the worlds population is on the internet and 40% of the worlds population is on social media.  It's where your customers are.

2018 is the time to make the change to switch budget and resource and go to where your customers are.  Yes, it's a leap of faith.  But maybe like the Hollies this blog has given you a window into a world that one day you will understand.