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We've been busy working with our current clients and onboarding new. All professionals who have realised things are changing and its time to get ahead of the game and become the leading Technical and Commercial Digital Influencers in their sector.

This month has reinforced to us the importance of building digital communities in your sector.

I was lucky enough to be guest editor on a weekly DLA Ignite LinkedIn live show called the 'Digital Download pop-up' last week and we discussed this very topic.

If you missed it, here's a link:  

The Digital Download

Some really interesting information available on the topics of Digital Sector Communities, for example...

In a recent article by Hivebrite: “Online Communities: What to Expect in 2022”

“In the heat of the pandemic, we were constantly reminded about the critical importance of human connection and community. Consequently, more and more organizations put creating an online community at the top of their to-do list or at least started to consider it.

Online communities will continue to soar in 2022 as organizations seek ways to better connect and collaborate with customers, peers, and co-workers. In fact, 56% of professionals say their organization's leadership view community as more essential since the start of the pandemic.

Community-led thinking will continue to influence business models in 2022 as organizations seek ways to enrich their consumer engagement activities with relevant and outstanding consumer experiences.”

That’s interesting. Think about that in the context of your business…

And there’s more…

According to The Direct to Community Economy Report, "corporates are moving on from the CSR era to one of 'purpose as strategy' recognizing their role and responsibilities in the communities they serve. Innovative brands are using a community-led approach to redefine what it means to 'sell' to their customers."

Have you really thought about what it means to ‘sell’ to your customers in 2022 and beyond...?

One question....who runs the leading podcast or LinkedIn live in your sector on your subject specialism?

(....listening for the THUNKs..!)

There's a mountain of difference between throwing corporate brochureware in LinkedIn and strategically manoeuvring your team to become the leading influencers in your sector by growing digital communities

In other news, this month saw our first article on Social Selling & Influence make it to print in the OGV Energy magazine where the theme was Innovation and Technology.

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We were thrilled to be asked and the reaction has been great, thanks to everyone who got in touch. Look out for our future articles upcoming issues where we bring in industry leading figures to share their experience in the application of Strategic Social Media.

Its also been a pleasure hosting the recent OGV Energy live shows:

Here is a link to this months - Innovation and Technology edition:

...last but not least....

We are thrilled to announce our latest associate at Crux is the wonderful Tracy Borreson from Calgary, Alberta

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Tracy is a brand consultant and leadership coach who works with business leaders to understand their authentic corporate brand so they can build their human experiences and also runs her own digital community 'Your Business Peeps' a place for business owners and leaders to connect to learn how to own their personal brands, build an authentic & genuine network, and find their business peeps.

We are super thrilled to welcome Tracy to the team.

A blogger, a podcaster and a seasoned live streamer, look forward to hearting a lot more from Tracy in coming editions.


We promised you the THE CRUX CAST would return this month but, like to best laid plans...the relaunch was moved to April- stick with us, we will be back!

In the meantime, here is a classic Crux Cast from the archives...#43 with Tim Wigham from Exceed....enjoy!

>Crux Cast #43 with Tim Wigham


Volume 3.7

This sounds amazing..........(I'm going to bury it....)

The Social Selling 🆃🅷🆄🅽🅺!



1. the beautiful sound heard when the penny drops for someone on how getting their organisation Strategic with Social Media will improve their business.

In this edition, we drop in on a Zoom call with a Sales Enablement leader in conflict.

We meet some professionals who believe that transforming their company to Strategic Social media will mean they no longer have a job.

We hear all the excuses about time and other projects and priorities and........and, and....(all smoke screens for concern).

Reality is quite the opposite, roles like Marketing and Sales Enablement now have new metrics, new objectives and new activities to support and monitor.

Marketing need to be creating demand and sales enablement need to be making sure the sales team are match fit and have everything they need to win......the net expected outcome of all of this is more conversations directly with prospects and people who can help your business.

There is no system, tool, process, outsourced service, automated system, advert, advocacy tool, SEO service, technique or method that can compete with real Social Selling & Influence.

Those that take the leap and embrace the greatest evolution in Sales, Marketing and Business Development in 50 years are becoming the winners!

*these are all based on real situations or events.


What do you want to be famous for..?

Famous? What are you on about..? That would have been my response 5 years ago.

Today it’s important we get used to some terms we hadn’t thought we’re relevant before.

Working out what you want to be famous for on Social Media is important…

Not what you do…what you are and what you are all about.

Once you really understand this we can drill down on a content strategy and start you off on the road to becoming the leading technical and commercial digital influencer in your space.


Sales is easy…

People you’ve never met or heard of just find you and place huge orders over the phone.


If only…

Getting access to markets these days is tough, gaining credibility in those markets is even tougher.

Then you have to create connections and build relationships stronger than that of your competition.

Once you are at this point, you can hope to convert some of this energy and activity to sales.

How do we do this today…?

The strategy application of Social Media into your business is the answer.

Social Selling & Influence is the most powerful demand generator you have available to you.

In 2022 it’s important your team know how to prospect, network and build influence online.

No monthly retainers, no tools, no bots.

All in house, internal competence and measurable results.

Social Selling & Influence = Revenue and ebitda


More and more employers are looking for new hires with digital skills. Not just in technical roles, now across the board.

We know of employers who insist that new Sales, Marketing and business Development people coming into their organisation can demonstrate they are competent and active in their ability to build digital influence in a sector, create demand and be able to prospect and network online.

Buying motions have evolved and organisations must evolve their sales motions to remain relevant and competitive.

Hiring yet another person to start emailing and cold calling is not helping you.

Once seen as a fad or a phase, digital commercial skills are moving to the centre and becoming the standard across sectors.

In 2022, its important that anyone coming into your organisation who is hired to create business opportunities, understand and is able use Social Media to prospect, network and build influence online....and then move all of that to commercial interaction.

Lets listen in on 2 very different interviews for the same Sales Manager role...

Thanks to the brilliant Kevin Milne for playing the roles of both Ben and Sam.


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We've had some brillaint shows this month, thanks to all of our guests, our sponsors and for all the viewers who support the show.

St 'Patricks day special' one

The 'National bed Month' one...

The 'TV Show special' one

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That's all from us this month, looking back, its been great. Looking another update next month.

Next month we will feature and interview with none other than Vanessa Gartell The Social Sommelier and Nick Raeburn!

If there is anything here that catches your eye or that you'd like to chat about, please get in touch.

Live Social '22

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