I find myself drinking more and more coffee lately these days.

I love oat milk lattes, can’t get enough of them.

It’s not so much I like the taste (I do) but I’m also finding it hard to sleep at the moment.

You see I have a two year old and he is still teething.

So sleep is kind of a premium. 

Just when I think we are settled for the night, the crying starts. 

Then it’s back into his room and the inevitable cycle of calm him down/ calpol. We all drift off to sleep, we wake, then carry him ninja like into his room and try and settle him without waking.

This cycle repeats itself most nights and I feel a little frazzled I’ll be honest.

But I know deep down this won’t last and his final teeth are coming through. 

So blissful sleep is within reach.

The point is I know there is an end to this.

But as a B2B business owner in 2021 and post covid these aren't the things the keep me awake at night.

Pipeline is. 

And questions like.

Where is our next purchase order coming from, do I have enough to pay my staff? 

Why isn’t marketing generating any new leads?

Why isn’t sales closing any new deals?

I used to worry about these things too.

It’s not all as bleak as it sounds, there are better ways of talking to your prospective customers.

Places where you can be the voice of authority in your sector. 

The great news is all your prospective customers are talking and engaging in these places as well.

They are at this very moment having conversations with your competitors about the very services and products you sell.

On social, by engaging with insights and interacting with your prospective customers you get to drown out your competitors (who let’s face it do this stuff extremely badly, with little to no engagement on their content) by taking you from an analogue mindset and building a much stronger digital tone of voice. 

Social is a big confusing, scary place. We understand this.

But through social you have the power to unseat even your largest competitors by being more agile, transparent and just plain better than them at this.

In 2021 and beyond if you aren't social selling and moving from an analogue to digital business model, you're gonna need more than coffee to keep you going.

So the point is, in 2021 and beyond do you want to be kept awake with these problems?

Or do you want to fix them?

I know which one I’d prefer.