We have all been touched by this crisis in many different ways. Even furloughed employees who are being paid 80% of salaries by government have no guarantee of work post lockdown.

Everyone is looking to either pivot where possible to earn income, or try and gain that job when possibly thousands (probably millions) are also qualified for it the same as you.

If your self employed like me the lifeboat has already sailed away and we're now left in a constant state of fear and anxiety scratching our heads around how we continue to put food on the table, let alone pay all those other bills.

I'll be up front with you, I need to generate an income - so, If I can help you, it might help you to help me!

I can't guarantee you any work, nor can I guarantee you any income but I can share with you what I know will help you, your colleagues and your company to be front of mind ahead of your competitors on LinkedIn and other social platforms should those opportunities arise.

In order to do this you have to learn how to 'stand out' in the LinkedIn crowd. This will require you to learn new skills, adopt a new mindset and invest in yourself with something that will continue to add value to you long after this Covid19 crisis has passed.

Things have changed we know that. Today the power of social media is greater than ever before, there are now 3.8 billion people on social media around the world and LinkedIn with 675 million registered members is one of the most powerful business platforms there is.

In simple terms there are 3 key pillars associated with a really strong social media presence in the business world;

  1. A relatable personal profile - based on 'who you are, not just what you do'.
  2. The ability to build relationships - grow your network in a social way with a mutual business objective.
  3. Share what you know - consistent creation, production and sharing of knowledge about the subject matter you have experience with.

In relation to point 2 - At the top of everyone's page on LI is the 'Search' function - I suggest you use this to connect with purpose e.g. you should be looking to connect with people and business that you can add value to with your sharing of post, blogs and Vlogs - not to use it as an opportunity to 'sell' on first contact.

Every company we look to benchmark against all 3 of these fall way short. One of the most common errors is people still don't publish a good photo (or forget to make it visible), they are yet to truly understand the potency of the platform for personal growth, development and branding.

Here's a link to a short training video from a colleague of mine that might just help you to stand out.

With the right training you can develop all the right 'Superpowers' to leverage 'what you know' to an audience keen to get some authenticity in a digital world that in the past has been the preserve of the corporate brand police. 

Sure it's important for recruiters to know 'what you do', but in a world where we deal with people every single day, we all make our own judgement based on 'who you are'.

The point I'm trying to make here is that when your involving yourself in social media try telling stories about the industry first, not you, your brand, your products or services - because effective branding is about consistent, relatable authentic story telling.

Branding animates your personality, product, company, employees, and your clients or customers. When branding is strong and an individual and a company consistently focuses on the values that their story embodies, their products or services can become part of people’s lives. In the best cases, those companies can actually influence the culture of an entire business sector and beyond.

Training yourself to get yourself consistently 'front of mind' will help get you that next promotion, job, or client, but to do that means being authentic.

BTW - an online 1 hour seminar with a 'LinkedIn' guru won't cut it in the same way going to the gym for an hour won't make you fit.

Are you ready to invest in YOU?