There are books that define an age and for me it's Carol Dweck's, I've purchased copies of her book for all my friends and the Board of our company.

Why?  Because in the modern world we all to have a growth mindset.  Why?  Because things change everyday.  We NEED to learn new things, every day.  In fact, we need to WANT to learn something new everyday.  It is change and these new things that define us and the world we live in. 

I'm currently sitting in Joplin, which is a city in southwest Missouri.  Yesterday, our reseller / partner took us out for a tour of Joplin.  There are so many things we had not seen before, there are so many new things I have learnt.  The devastation that tornados can wreck on people's life's and the spirit of people to build their lives and their town from literally the ground up.  Inspirational!

Fixed mindset is for people that tell you nothing has changed, because that is how they see life.  They live in a fixed world, fixed ideas.  Everything they know is great, everything outside that frame of reference is shit.  There job is to convince you, but arguing / bullying / or whatever that they are right and you are wrong.  The more people that agree with them, the better they feel, it justifies their being.   Why?  Because change is scary, learning new things is scary too.  I have a friend that is convinced that if he learns things, then he has to unlearn something.  Push something into his head and something has to be pushed out.  It's a bit like these "sales hasn't changed" gurus on social media.

Come on.  Anybody that says "sales hasn't changed" when you have the internet, social media, digital and mobile is like a flat earth fan justifying that world isn't round.

Be more growth mindset!