One of the many challenges with writing today is that it's 2019 and that means you need to write for the world we live in.

Quick sum up:  We are all busy people, we are all busy doing our own stuff and we are not interested in other people and their constant want to push their products down our throats.  We have therefore built a number of mechanisms to filter all this noise out, either by doing it ourselves, by using technology or we have legislation to help us.

Let's take each of the mechanisms we have in this world.  Advertising.  Nobody looks at advertising anymore.  At a recent Martech conference I attended, at the start of the presentation I asked the audience to stand up and sit down if they remember the last 3 ads the had seen.  Of course, nobody sat down.  Advertising is just noise, which is why now 2 Billion (yes Billion) people use ad-blockers and it's growing at 30% year-on-year.

While there is no legislation to stop cold calling and unsolicited emails, we all have technology at our fingertips which enables us to block cold callers and sends of spam emails.  Of course we have GDPR also to fall back on, so I can invoke my right to remain forgotten.

The world has flipped.

We use content from trusted people to enable us to find out about products and services.  We don't use websites as they are just corporate brochures and they are added to the noise.

We don't fill in details on websites as we just get bothered by cold callers.

Nobody gets up in the morning and says "I need to talk to a sales person".  Stop selling, you will get more leads and meetings.

This is the reality of sales and marketing in 2019.