It's interesting that Seth Godin, arguably the greatest marketer of the modern age refers to ads as "attention stealing" and emails as "spammy."

I don't even know why I'm saying this because all marketers know in their heart of hearts that marketing is the business equivalent of queue-jumping! It's like muscling-in in front of other people and shouting your message at unsuspecting buyers.

He goes on to say "very few people go into marketing desiring to be empathetic. They go into marketing because they want to put on a show and they want to win." which is, as we all know, exactly the way that the marketing function usually works "get me more leads" rather than show this product to people who actually want to buy it!

I think that we can all learn a lesson or two from Seth...but we probably won't because we never learn. Instead we keep using better tools to do the same c^&p more efficiently!