Must admit I treat many surveys with cynicism.  This one certainly, I take the results with a large pinch of salt.  If an ABM agency runs some research then they are going to ask their "echo chamber" of people.  Surely, a vested interest will get the answer they want?  An ABM agency will get the answer that ABM is important.

Putting that to one side, if you are in B2B Enterprise, you need to look at ABM.  Or ABS I like to call it, Account Based Sales.

Traditionally, sales people were given say 30 accounts and then they focus on just 5.  This is an open door to the competition to the other 25 accounts.

In fact we had implemented ABM and hadn't realised it.  Our top salespeople (the ones that's crushed their numbers) all focused on a few accounts.  They spent their time, not spraying and praying but building relationships in those accounts.  Getting wider and deeper.

Clients don't want corporate content, they want focused content based on vertical experience, they want insight and to be told something they don't know.  ABM is about focusing both sales and marketing on these "must win" accounts.

If you are not looking at ABM, take a look.