We are certainly seeing a turning point and the surveys which are a slower indicator starting to change.

In the B2B Enterprise sector that I work, we are seeing the use of advertising completely disappear, apart from the "hello" advertising which might appear because of a conference.  A fool and their money I guess.  Ad blocker use is growing 30% year-on-year.  Adidas didn't advertise at this world cup as their target market are big ad-blockers.  They used social media.

Email which was often at the top is dropping back, partly because that people now realize because of GDPR that if they hold a database of emails, they are accountable and responsible for this.  The fines that BA and facebook will probably have to pay, (4% of global turnover) just don't seem worth it.  Which is why we deleted our email list.  In fact we deleted all people data.  Anybody who spams me, I just set rules up so if they do it in the future the email goes straight into the deleted folder.

I'm seeing that the usefulness of conferences is down 60%, personally I never go as they are just salespeople pitching.

Cold calling, certainly in Europe seems to have dropped off a cliff.  Again hit by GDPR and the fact I block every cold caller by using standard iphone functionality.

Websites are a 1 : 1 draw.  Most corporate websites are like corporate marketing, all the same.  You tell people how great you are, but there is nothing on there that will help you make a buying decision, so people often use websites just as a way to see that a company "exists", it's just there for vanity.  I asked a class recently, if they went to the Samsung website and the Apple website could they make a buying decision.  They all agreed they couldn't.  So how do you make a buying decision on a phone I asked?

By reading articles, social media and friends and family (influencers) was the answer.

With social media, now the only place for marketers to go, it will be interesting which ones, engage, build relationships and community and which ones use the platform to spam.