It's becoming more and more clear to us, that central to the success of any organisation is that sales and marketing work together.  In fact I would go as far to say that maybe Sales and Marketing need to merge.

The benefits are cumulative.  We all know that the buying process has changed.  We are therefore either connecting with prospects of social or customers are going on social to research our products and services.  Either way, they are checking us out and judging us on our social media profiles, both active and static.

That means that Marketing have to protect the brand, at probably at a global and local level.  They also have to create an environment of discussion in the market.  This will be the material that potential customers will see and review.  I would argue strongly that salespeople should and must contribute to this.

The only way that sales people get the material they want and for marketers to provide the materials that is needed is for the teams to talk to each other.

While this article goes on to discuss ABM (Account Based Marketing) this certainly for large B2B Enterprise sales and marketing organisations must be the way forward.  Bringing sales and marketing together, not just because they have to, but  because it makes the process in 2018 more efficient and effective,