As part of our social selling program we teach people how to create content.  Teach is the wrong word really, we empower, but that is a blog for another day, so here are the common excuses we get ..

1. I'm not a good writer

2. I don't have time

3. We tried this before and it didn't work

4. It's marketings job

5. I'm cold calling / having root canal work / walking across hot coals .....

We get them all.  At school I was told never to get a job where I was required to write.  Anybody who reads my work will know I'm known for the odd typo.  I also know I'm not the best writer in the world.  But who cares.  You know I write with a passion, because here at DLA we want to change the world.  That passion comes up through my typos and bad grammer.  (I spelt grammar wrong there on purpose as a joke :)  ).

It amazes us, that people say they have no time to speak with 540 Million potential clients in a way that clients want to engage.  But they do have time to cold call, in a way that pisses off people.  It's 2018, time to get your priorities right.

I'm told of a number of content writing exercises that didn't work.  I'm sorry but I highly recommend you get third party help.  If you wanted to learn to swim, ride a bike or get the best out of the gym.  You would have somebody help you?  So why not blogging?

Never, ever, outsource making your number to people you have no control over.  We know corporate marketing no longer works.  You have to take control.

And finally, get into the office for 08:00AM and use the time to do social stuff.  Write, post, engage, I promise you this will pay off. 

Content creation is now part of your prospecting culture.