Last week I spoke at a conference on social selling on the clear business case for social selling and social media adoption.  One of the many things I love about speaking at conference is the way the debate will spill out onto social media. What an amazing way to get feedback.

One of the comments that came up was

The biggest challenge for social media managers is educating their internal stakeholders on what social media actually is.

And I agree ..... the thing is, there is a solution. 

Here at DLA Ignite, we decided from day one to be the world's best at social media, to focus entirely on pushing forward the boundaries.  But also we are business people, so we know that unless there is a connection between social media and revenue, EBITDA, etc, you won't get the attention of business leaders.

When I wrote my first book on social media and business, back in 2016, I knew I had achieved my objective when a CEO said to me,

 "it was the first time I could see the connection between social media and revenue and EBITDA"

But this is all just words.  Anybody can say they are the best.

What we have done is got our "measuring sticks" out and created a benchmark.

After a discovery call, I can create a report that will walk your leadership team through how social media will impact your business.

Best of all I can tell you how much $s you are missing out on, by not being digital.

If you want me to, I can tell you, how much you are falling being in $s per month, but not being digital. 

Here at DLA Ignite we are working with our partner Supero and their team, Alex, Jensen and Jordan.  

One example is this telesales / cold calling team, that no longer telesales, they do 100% social selling and they are getting a 9% response on cold outreach through social selling and 33.6% conversion rate to next action from that cold outreach

Which is exponential growth over cold calling.

It's should be noted that this is NOT connect and pitch and it does NOT use automation. 

We can take this benchmark, feed in your data and show what $ increase you will get by moving to social media to sell and market. 

Want to know more about social selling, and the impact that social media has impacted business check out my new book

"social selling techniques to influence buyers and changemakers - 2nd edition".

In this brand new edition, I have updated all the text, I have also got 15 practitioners, so people who are doing this already to explain how they are get (practical) business benefit. From the CEO that has been running a digital business for over 18 months to sales leaders who use social selling every day.  

Articles on how these business have and are implementing digital, from Mercer, Telstra Purple, Ring Central, Cyberhawk, Namos, Ericsson, Crux Consulting, DLA Ignite and more.

What does Mark Schaefer, Marketing guru think of the book "social selling - techniques to influence buyers and changemakers - 2nd edition"? watch the video here

It's available on Amazon worldwide.  Link to here and here.