If you look at digital transformation today, you have various technologies, AI, the Metaverse or even you new cloud based applications, all of them require humans in which to work them.

Let's take a number of AI / ChatGPT article

Leaders need human skills in the ChatGPT and AI era 

To quote this article ...

"Leading in an AI era requires leaders who are focused on being the best leader they can be. AI cannot self-actualize, but humans can. A self-actualized people-first leader is one who focuses on growth, learning, and development. The best leaders for these times are deeply human and rely on connection and collaboration with others to create success."

Google's Hot New Bard AI Is Already Spouting Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories

To quote this article.

"Some AI responses may be inaccurate"

OpenAI: ChatGPT Could Disrupt 19% of US Jobs, Is Yours on the List?  via @PCMag 

"The other issue is that GPT has shown it can make obvious mistakes, including making up information, which makes it necessary for a human to oversee the work. That’s a factor the study wasn’t able to take into account. In addition, the study only looked at whether ChatGPT could reduce the amount of time needed to complete various tasks by profession. This doesn't mean ChatGPT is necessarily smart enough to fully automate certain jobs."

In my recent podcast with Ed Fowler, link here. Ed points out that ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) which is large language models (LLMs), what it does it predict what the next word is.  Now it will have a massive database to pull upon, and so it will be pretty accurate, but not 100%.

ChatGPT maybe able to pass an exam, but all it's doing is predicting what the words should be, it isn't thinking like we know it.

Why talent matters more than ever in the digital age

Having people in your organization that understand digital is critical, from understanding the business case for a strategy based on social media and the revenue this will drive and cost savings this will bring is critical.  As are people that can cut through the hype of the Metaverse and AI.

Humans are still the future

“Humans have always adapted to new technologies and better ways of doing things. As the saying goes: ‘history repeats itself.’ The pandemic taught us again that we can make extraordinary progress if we come together. The combination of innovation, technology and human ingenuity will help us overcome the biggest challenges.”

She says as we embark on a New Human Age, people are using technology and digital tools to enhance human connections, be more productive and live more meaningful lives. “By equipping people with the skills to leverage technology, we can create a future of work closer to what workers of the future want. It is how we will build a path for all to increase prosperity for the many, not the few.”

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