Whether you are in the coal face, or somewhere in the process, then you will know that it is HARD. It is not an easy job. It takes time to get right and to get better at doing something that you are following with a process.

Cold Calling. A numbers game they call it. You call 50, you maybe get 5 meetings. The other 45 your were REJECTED in some way.

Cold Emailing. Another numbers game from a well crafted campaign or generic personalized email that is either replied to or REJECTED. The latter is what it normally happens unless they have asked for it.

Ask yourself these questions?

When the phone rings from an unknown number and you either don't answer or you do answer and it is not what you asked for and you have no interest. What do you do? You hang up or you don't answer YES?

When the email comes into your inbox that you never expected to receive and you are not sure how it got there as you never signed up to anything and you either don't read it or just bin it YES?

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"So why do you expect other people to adhere to what you send or when you call and try to interrupt their day and expect them to listen, read and take your call or your email.? NO?

They will REJECT you like you REJECT them in day to day life.

SAME RULES APPLY. So why do you keeping doing it?

Because that is what the job role is. That is what you signed up to. That is the way it has always been done. What else can I do.

I am hear to tell you and the others looking in that my role is to listen, advise and guide you and your business people to a better, more user friendly approach to your efforts, time and revenue streams where there is no interruption, there is no REJECTION, there is no spamming or cold processes.

SOCIAL SELLING takes away all the fears of REJECTION.

Social Media has changed the world.

When you understand exactly what it means (by asking) to jump onto social media as a team and as an organisation that understands the landscape has changed, everything becomes clear.

No longer are you blasting the analogue ways of working and dealing with rejection after rejection, after rejection. Going home at the end of the day tired and feeling like you cannot turn up again and repeat the same rejection again and again. It will not get easier.

Maybe if you were in 2005 it might have, but like everything, things change. We move with the times, we evolve as people and as businesses who are social and want the best for the current sales team and the organisation they work in and believe in.

They want to be around in 5-10-15 years time and say. We made DIGITAL our landscape of choice for the team as we listened to the market, we listened to the customers and we are now talking at scale every day, with the people we want to work with and we have built an incredible network of people who lean into our people and want to work with us based on our passive social presence.

Social Selling & Digital Transformation puts you in that place.

I encourage you to watch and listen this webinar from Gartner last week.

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: "We cannot send the 2019 salesperson into a 2021 FIRESTORM"

Listen to it and then ask yourself the question of when and how do I make sure my team are digitally and socially fit for this landscape we sit in now.

The answer is NOW and with our SUPPORT.


We are the high watermark in social selling coaching that takes the business and the people on a strategic social journey. Unlocking hidden talents that the team have, generating a strategic plan of action to land onto social and become changemakers and content creators that now define how your team and business land more and more new business acquisition at pace and at scale. No masterclass, no tips and tricks.


From this, you will not FEAR REJECTION any more. Your team will now be on the social and digital path to INBOUNDOUTBOUND success and your PIPELINE and EBITDA will be front and centre with clarity and purpose and red-hot commercial conversations at the top table.

No more going home after a hard day calling and emailing. Digital First online at pace.

A team with a purpose and a business with the ambition to dominate the sector they work in.

Employees engaged. A new direction to cope with the demands of customers and prospects.

Some other ley takeaways from the Gartner call and the business people we talk to daily where in the area of leaving and joining the competition that embrace such a change and are wanting to navigate this digital terrain with a sense of opportunity. OPPORTUNITY.

The BOLD we make the move now, before it is too late and the competition is already there.

Which camp do you want to sit in?

As ever, if you have enjoyed this article, I have written several more here.

I write articles every week as this makes me an advisor in my field. Is that what you want?

Then take a deep breath and send me a DM. I will reply right away as this is what we do.

Have a great Monday.

Be you. Be social.