I have been asked by several people over the last few weeks about how I start to tell stories on my profile and my content.

The answer is pretty simple. It is your story, your journey. Put it into words and tell it.

Let me break it down.

  • Who are you and what gets you up in the morning?
  • Where did you start from in your early career?
  • What challenges did you face?
  • What success or failure have you had along the way?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • What can you tell us about you and the business you are in?

These 7 questions should get you on the way to telling us about you, about the path you have taken and about where you are now. Good, bad, scary, exciting, different, memorable, share.

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My story and career have been quite a rollercoaster.

From my early career at school to my roofing days, to college, to retail, to sales, to now.

Every corner, every turn, every challenge or win, I have this to tell. I have a story.

These snippets and chapters of your life will be enjoyable for people to read.

They will begin to understand more about you and the person you are. Not the brand. YOU.

We have worked in businesses and corporate organizations where marketing push out content relevant to the business and it is all about them and the business. This should be about you.

Personal life stories, personal business stories, knowledge share, advice, guidance, engagement.

This builds intrigue and trust, this build relationships and conversations. Partnerships.

Without the human element behind any content or post shared it becomes lost as ADS.

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We don't want that, we want to know about the people behind the corporation. PEOPLE.

Sharing this way can develop in time. In time you become the voice in your sector, you start to keep sharing, keep influencing, and your connections, chosen by you want to see and hear more, they like, share, comment, then you engage further, your network grows, you are in control of this.

It took me a while to get comfortable with this, but when I stood back and looked at my life, and my daily movements, thoughts and experiences, it all became clear.

You will be up at night, thinking about this and that. Taking a note for the next share.

It is great fun, great insight and a valuable message to your audience. It closes the gap.

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  • We trust this person.
  • We can listen and be advised by this person.
  • We want to work with this person.

My journey has taken me to this article, sharing my knowledge, sharing my passion and my journey into the wonderful arena of social selling & influence.

This is where I want to end my career. Helping people and businesses become more strategic and social to interact, engage, build trust and a community, which in turn leads to business partnerships and commercial opportunities. Just by doing the right things daily on social.

That is my story. What is yours? Tell me.


Kevin Milne - Social Selling Advisor


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