In this new year 2021, things are as they were and almost all businesses, unless otherwise stated (key workers) are working from home and in the 'home office'.

This means they are online more than ever.

Think back to 2019 and early 2020. I think about it a lot.


It was very different from how things are now.

All in the office (some remote)

All in the canteen catching up

In-office meetings to discuss projects or opportunities

Making calls to prospects

Emailing prospects and marketing campaigns

Attending face to face meetings and networking events.


Fast forward to now and what the last 10 months have looked like.


It has all changed.


Everyone is online, more so now than ever before.

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If you are still trying some of the above, the task if not hard before will have become almost mind-numbing to the point of non-existent.

The replies will be short, the interaction will be zero or minimal.

This is either because, they are too busy with what they are doing, or things have changed in how they want to operate or navigate there time to use wisely while working from home.

In short, They are online and doing their own research on the market, the product, the service, the competition or the opportunities to enhance what they want from vendors and clients.


ONLINE. This is where they are. How visible are you and the business you work for?


Do you post corporate content that gets zero interaction?

Are you sharing your knowledge and advice in your chosen sector?

Are you prospecting and connecting to your target audience and having conversations that tell who you are.

Are you still waiting for the phone to ring or to get a hold of someone on the phone?

Do you still post the content that marketing setup and send out?

Are you growing your network so you are visible and seen in a crowded market?

Can you attach data and commercials to the budget spent on advertising and marketing?

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The answers to the above are either YES or NO or even more worrying 'DON'T KNOW'.

There is the RIGHT WAY and the old way. It's time to be BOLD👆  in your decisions.

Think about it.

Imagine a scenario where all of your 'chosen' social and online team decided that we get strategic and work on being more active, online daily, posting daily, connecting daily and sharing relevant content back up by human context, that shows you are the influence in your sector.

Imagine you could get strategic on what, when, how you post and who can see these posts in your target audience.

Imagine the data behind those posts, that content, that connection, that conversation you started to have?

Imagine if that led to a commercial conversation that built a relationship with a prospect all because they got comfortable with who you and your colleagues where… and they felt comfortable.


This is not imaginary. This is real and happens if you get strategic with social selling and online inbound digital sales.


As said in previous articles, Gartner suggests that buyers are online doing this research.

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They will only spend 17% meeting with potential suppliers. The rest of the time is online, internal and other methods that don't include YOU.


So this has to be the best place you and the business can be. ONLINE.


722+ million people use Linkedin. It is a powerful tool if used well.

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Like any strategic plan, it takes effort, courage and commitment.

But it works, and it will work for you, your team and make your business stand out.


Do not get left behind. Get social. Get strategic. BE NOTICED. BE YOU.

Then built that to WE and become SOCIAL champions and lead the way in your sector.


Think about it. Make your mark. You will see the benefits.



Any questions. My contact info and my LI page below.


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