If you’re not strategic about ‘digital’, you’re not serious about growth - a fair statement?

Recently published data amplifies the need for all organisations to embrace digital to drive pipeline growth and relevance:

👉 There are 4.14 Billion active social media users, and 41% use social media for work purposes.
👉 There are 722 million active users on LinkedIn.
👉 Organisations who are building digital influence & truly social selling will increase sales by 30% and reduce sales time by 40%.

BUT before we can build a true digital strategy and calculate ROI, we must first understand what Social Influence and selling is:

Simply, It’s using your presence and behaviour on Social Media – to build Influence, make connections, grow relationships and trust – which leads to conversations and commercial interaction.

It’s as simple as that, and done correctly will positively impact your business performance and growth - Virtual, Digital, Remote, Modern Selling, they are all the same - it’s Social Selling.

The B2B world as we know it is changing, success will continue to be measured by growth, ARR, customer retention, profitability, market penetration, BUT how these are achieved has changed. ARE YOU READY?