Regardless of whether a recession is coming, as leaders we need to be looking out for ways to strip out cost.

What can we do to be more efficient and more effective?

One of our clients had a problem like so many companies.  How do we get the right staff and talent?

Easy, we spend money on LinkedIn ads and recruitment consultants, it's a pretty expensive answer to the problem.  What happens if we could get a better / higher output for less money?

How about, if we could find, more and better talent at less cost.  That would be a win for the business surly?

Better still, how about becoming employer of choice?

So far so good?

How about if you use social media in Human Resources (HR)?

It's "free" to use, you all use it, so there no system training.  Your customers, your prospects, your employees and your future employees are on social media.

Why not activate your employees and your HR department on social .... you never know what might happen?