I have to admit, I'm no Marketer, I'm a Salesperson that has read a few Marketing books.

One of the things that always baffles me about Marketing is that people tell me "you need a brand".  Do you?

There are certain brands like Persil and Colgate that I would use as my parents used them, but they were built with Millions of dollars, over many years, in a different age.

No company could build that sort of image, like they did, apart from maybe Facebook, Google and Apple.  Again you need millions.

The buyer, business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) is fickle.  We go online, we will read content, we will read third party reviews and then make an informed decision about a purchase.  I buy things, as I'm sure you do, without talking to sales people ...we all know the world of sales has changed.

Note, I didn't say, I will read a corporate brochure.  If we look at a website, it will be to validate a company exists.  Corporate websites are designed in the age of "corporate broadcast".  You will give me a long list of products, tell me about your founders and have some case studies.  But it will all be about you.  You will tell me, you are number one, the market leader, etc, etc.  But, do you know what?  This will be exactly the same as every other supplier.  Plus, because it's a corporation saying it.  Nobody believes you.

As a buyer, I have access to as much data and content as I want.  And the more people realise this, they more they hate people pitching to me.  And more I hate having brands broadcast at me and tell me how great they are.

This is one of the problems all existing suppliers have to companies, this fickleness of the buyer.  Many SaaS vendors have gone done a payment route, that often it's cheaper and easier to just buy another SaaS vendor.  The same with "significant purchases" there is always somebody that can do it faster, cheaper and better.

I'll be honest .... A "brand" is not a given and nobody "cares" about your brand.

I'm in San Francisco and we hired a car and used a price comparison website to do it.  I didn't care, which car hire company we used, I wanted a certain type of car at a price point.

But here's a trick, there is only one thing that makes unique ..... your people.