If you have spent anytime in marketing you will be used to the term 'buying persona', and for many people in other departments of the organisation its just part of the 'colouring in' that marketing does.

When in reality its designed to help with optimising the sales activity, and ad spend for the brand and company.

These 'personas' are also fed into the digital world by ad tech platforms to assist with getting your intrusive ad in front of what could be your ideal customer or client.

Now I won't bang on about the intrusive, fraud ridden programmatic world of advertising, but i will say that far too many companies don't utilise these buying persona's anywhere near enough when it comes to engaging in social media.

When you transfer your 'advertise and promote thinking into the social media space, your simply being intrusive. The fact that you can go on FaceBook and look for unwilling suspects to point your adverts to you'r simply missing the whole point of the 'Superpower' thats locked into those buying personas.

What if you could use those personas as part of an employee advocacy strategy?

What if you utilised all that information you have on your ideal customer and stepped back from an advert, and thought about engaging in, or starting a conversation, after all that's what being social is, isn't it?

However, if you do try this approach I strongly advise you to unlock the most powerful 'Superpower' we all have, and that's the ability to 'listen'.

Something that is most definitely missing when it comes to brand audits that we do.