I have 5 grown up Children, two of them were born profoundly deaf, this means that without hearing aids they wouldn't hear a pneumatic drill going off behind them, they would 'feel' the vibrations of course, but no noise, literally nothing. 

During their formative years communication in a 'hearing world' was challenging for them, as it was for the parents. As they got older, a combination of techniques, speech therapy, and technology advancements such as 'Cochlear Implants' started to improve things for them.

Now they are awesome........

So you would think that in the healthcare sector access to hearing techniques, and technology to help with that would be a part of the DNA. 

Well from what we can evidence whilst looking at their social media channels, it seems that they all have a hearing problem.

Here's an extract from the 4 key pillars of GSK's 'digital transformation' strategy;

1. Upgrade media ROI

GSK is driving financial efficiency from digital media using a holistic approach.

“We have some TV-dominated markets,” say Louise Kristensen, “but it doesn’t mean people aren’t online. So we review the media mix and we’re conscious digital can’t be the first thing we cut when we’re under pressure.

“We have a robust media mix model.”

2. Boost ecommerce with omnichannel tactics

“We’ve had to nail the basics… But they are anything but basic in a big FMCG. We have had to reset [our business] to work with algorithms when we are working with pureplays and bricks and clicks.”

3. Efficient content

“We can’t just repurpose TV creative… We now have a global digital asset management tool which means smaller markets can take assets and run with them.”

4. Spark disruption

“Our mantra is do and learn. Not test and learn, which implies we can’t do it. We try on the job in small sprints.”

Every Healthcare solutions provider we have looked at, including GSK (article link below) seem to be stuck in the traditional analog world of 'broadcasting and advertising', the problem is they think that because they have a presence on social media platforms, they're being 'social'.

This isn't being social, this is just your corporate adverts, dressed up as content.

Being 'social' is about, well, being 'social', and that requires that you don't dominate the conversation with stories about YOU!

Its about getting involved in subject matters you have some expertise and interest in, its about engaging in those conversations, and above all its about LISTENING!!!!