One of the issues with predicting marketing trends is that it is very easy to say that push marketing (sometimes called interruption marketing) techniques will continue, like video marketing, when we know that interruption is dead.

What do I mean?

In the past, well it started in the 1930s we were fairly unsophisticated buyers.  The only way we could find out about products or services was to be told about them, in newspapers, later on television and later by people calling us up and telling us about them.

The death of interruption marketing

Now none of us like being interrupted, we all live busy lives, we have access to the internet via mobile.  The "buying power" is in our hands and we use it.  Where as once we called up a company and they might or might not send us a brochure.  Now we can go on-line and research a company in total sales avoidance mode. 

This isn't about looking at a companies website, where as that can be what we do.  Most purchases start with us now knowing what we want.  For example, my partner and I decided we need a new chair, we didn't know what we want so we went online looking for ideas.  The same if you are buying a new HR system or a new accounting system.  You may have a view, but open mindset will want you to look wider.

Let's look at other aspects of interruption marketing, advertising, unsolicited emails, cold calling, they are all an annoyance, proof you company has run out of marketing ideas or have been legislated away by legislation such as GDPR.  Or often technology has often taken these tactics, such as ad-blockers, junk mail rules within email applications or even on the iPhone and put them in the garbage can of the past.

The reality is that interruption is dead and it does not matter what people try and do to hype it up, we are fed up with it and will gradually push it out of our lives.