Before I start, this isn't a political post, if you want to get into a republican or whatever discussion you are wasting your time.

This article raises a concern about should you use your social media networks for business and pleasure.  For me the answer is yes.

The fact of the matter is that if you know who Nikki Haley is (I didn't until I read this article) then you will soon work it out.

Your social media feed is who you are.  My social media feeds certainly have a mix of business and pleasure and I do this for reasons:-

1.  Reader fatigue - It actually helps if you break up serious posts with that of you walking the dogs.

2. Human Interest - People want to see you are human.  We all want to see that it's not all work, work, work.

3. Corporate Suits - People get to corporate suit about email, there are times where we all take our ties off.  Like if you met people in a bar after work, would you go in your suit?  No and this is the same for social media.

After all, social media reflects us and while yes you can have multiple accounts fi you want (I have 4) but there is nothing wrong in reflecting who you are on social and mixing business and pleasure.