When was the last time you read an Ad?

The average day, you get up, put the TV on, ignore the ads.  Get in the car, switch radio stations as soon as the ads come on.  Ignore the ad on the back of the bus, ignore the billboards, get into work and .... commission some advertising.  Why when people ignore ads to marketers keep commissioning the stuff?

Ad to that, talk to any Generation Y and Generation Z person and they hate anything which is "salesly" and see advertising as a complete irrelevance.  I've spoken to current students and they have complained that "old people" keep telling them about facebook ads etc, and they see it as noise and totally irrelevant. 

But let's look at content marketing.  We all remember a good article, Gary Vee, Brian Solis, Ted Rubin are all people we remember and we look up and respect.  Why?  Because they write amazing, thought provoking content.

So while the article presents a clear business case for content marketing, our head and our hearts know advertising does not work ... 2018 is the time you switched the budget into content.