Seth Godin's Book "Permission Marketing" was published in 1999, Gary Vaynerchuk's Book "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook" came out in 2013.  We can summarise them by saying, everybody wants to be treated as an individual and sales people and marketers need to stop pitching at us.  Nobody likes being sold to.  Everybody nods and agrees and then goes back to their desks and works out how to sell to me in as much an automated way as they can.

There is a joke here in DLA that as salesman, I don't understand "marketing speak".  And I don't.

Hyper-personalised for example, it's like the term "almost exactly".  It's either exactly or it isn't.

It's either personalised, or it isn't.

Why are people spending $100,000s or $ Millions of systems that I will just block?  Whereas social media is for free, we can have a conversation on there as you can with all your clients.  No "targeting", no "tools", no "automation" just a simple conversation.

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