"Where is the Digital centre of your industry? If it doesn’t exist, claim it..!"

Last week I put out a short post about this very subject and a few people got in touch to explore the concept in more detail so, I thought id unpack it more and go a little deeper in this article.

I wrote:

“We just finished series 4 of Stranger Things last night, the amazing show where there is an alternative ‘here’, the same buildings and landscape but in another dimension”.

Picture this as a metaphor for your sector of your industry…

There is the analogue version that we all know and have worked in for years and there is the Digital version which is growing every day.

If you’ve worked in an industry for 5,10, 20 years, you will have a group of people in your prospect base who like working with you and trust you. 

You will likely have a list of contacts and people you can call who will take a meeting with you.

Now, we all agree that the commercial world is moving to Digital. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that this is the case and, we meet with professional people across sectors every week who validate this.

You just have to scroll through your LinkedIn feed to see the scrabble for progress.

getting real with the digital transition of your commercial sector

So, there is an analogue version of your industry and a Digital twin.

As your sector is moving to Digital it’s important to transition with it and learn new skill to make sure you and your organisation are present and relevant.

This is the current evolution of our commercial development, ignoring it is futile.

Our analogue proficiency is becoming less and less effective as the Digital transition picks up pace.

This doesn’t mean all the skills we had are now useless, we become expert at Digital prospecting, networking, and building influence to allow us to meet more people, have more conversations with real people and build meaningful commercial relationships.

Think of it like this…

Back in the old days, the early settlers moved from one location to new lands. They found land that already existed and staked their claim….”this pin marks my land”.

The early explorers who claimed mountains by planting flags at the top were climbing something that already existed…they travelled there, found something and claimed it.

The land and the mountains were there before, it just took someone brave and adventurous enough to go there and claim them.

There is a Digital twin of your industry growing in Digital form, knowing how to operate effectively in this world becomes more important as the Digital transition takes grip.

That Digital twin of your industry is full of new opportunity. 

Direct opportunities for your business and the indirect (possibly more important) opportunities to create the Digital centre of your sector. 

Some are their already, staking claim to territory and building the foundations for the new Digital centres of your sector.

the digital commercial transition

Many organisations are stuck in the analogue version of their industries, some have found the portal and have looked through but daren’t go in …some have already staked their claim and are forging ahead.

Those that have staked their claim in the Digital version of their industry are on their way to becoming the leading Technical and Commercial Digital Influencers in their sector.

They have hammered in a pin and are centering their industry around them. Laying foundations and building the infrastructure of your sector in this new world.

The portal for this Digital twin of your sector is accessed through Social Media.

Many believe Social Media is about 'Hashtag' this and 'Impressions' that, others will try to convince you that it’s all about a simple 'profile review' or ‘make a video’ and your commercial life will magically improve. Others will send you emails telling you they can improve your SSI score (more irony) or that they can quadruple your lead generation activity on Social Media by simply sending a credit card number…

This is tinkering around in the fringes; it’s never been about any of that…

👉it’s about staking claim to the Digital twin of your sector.

👉it’s about creating the Digital centre of your industry.

👉its about becoming the Digital leaders in your sector.

You can see who is pulling ahead by looking for some clues. 

Here is a simple question:

Who runs the leading cross platform, live stream show about your industry...?

A regular show which is all about the sector, suppliers, industry news, partnerships, new technology, employees…. building a huge Digital community around them.

...creating the Digital Centre of the industry…?

Everyone joining with them, looking at them and not their competitors.

the digital centre of your industry is accessed through social media

This is one example of an organisation creating the Digital centre of an industry.  Its not the whole story, it’s a tiny part of an overall Digital strategy.

Having a few people tinkering about on LinkedIn is not enough, we need to rewire the commercial processes, thinking and actions.

In many cases this Digital centre is available and up for grabs.

The portal into this Digital twin of your sector is through Social Media. 

Now, more than ever, its important that your team become expert in networking, prospecting and building influence in your sector. 

Planting a pin in this Digital commercial landscape and centring your industry around it.

Getting there takes skills, commitment and an open mindset to change.

Live Social '22

Eric Doyle

Consult CruxDLA ignite