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As we approach the end of Q3 it is worth pointing out that the wider team across our social selling partners have been saying many things across the last 9 months with our content mix, based upon what we hear, what we see and what data we gather from insights and discussing B2B challenges in 2021.

So to read the latest 2021 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study compiled by LinkedIn & Edelman was music to my eyes.

We have been saying most of this for a while now.

The Top 5 insights are below.

4 in 10 Final Decision-makers say there is more thought leadership content than they can manage; due to a pandemic-induced glut of low-quality content diluting its perceived value

Thought leadership remains critical to customer engagement with over 70% of respondents indicating they consume it to keep up-to-date- with the latest sector thinking and the stimulate thinking and creativity.

60% of buyers say thought leadership builds credibility when entering a new category where the brand is not already known; prompting trust through strong thought leadership.

87% of buyers say that thought leadership content can be both intellectually rigorous and fun to consume at the same time — striking a balance between being authoritative, provocative, human and fun.

With increased competition for attention and rapidly shifting buyer preferences, now is a good time to re-evaluate whether your thought leadership strategy is meeting your customers’ needs.

The full study is below:

Take your time and enjoy digesting the information.

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