Its ok to not understand how Strategic Social Media works right now, just don’t be in the same position in January…

We work with management teams across sectors, transforming them from various states of analogue practise to becoming experts in Social Selling & Influence by using Social Media strategically.

People are starting to get it…

Lots more…and we find that when a management team come to us, there are similar concerns and questions, for example:

“some of the team have never been active on social media”

“we are worried that everyone is just going to playing about on LinkedIn all day and not working…”

“we work in a very conservative sector, so all our content needs to be professional”

“I don’t see anyone else in our sector doing this”

“I’m not sure our clients are on Social...”

“when will this start to work?”

“how do we prevent this from becoming all about vanity and nothing else?”

And our responses:

“That’s ok, by the time we are done, they will be.   Many of our clients had team members in the same boat who are now experts, you are in safe hands”

“Would you be annoyed if your team were out visiting and speaking with prospects in offices all day every day?  You’d probably be thrilled.  Social Selling allows networking, prospecting and relationship building to happen at scale and reduces your travel expenses.

“We will help you redefine your perspectives on content and become comfortable creating and publishing content that allows you to each grow your networks and create space for meaningful conversations”

“Great, you got in first, you are pioneers and will soon have all the digital skills you need to leave your competition in the dust”.

“There are 4.3 billion people on Social Media, take out the very young and the very old and who’s left? You, your suppliers, your new hires, your bankers, your investors, your clients, your future clients…and your competitors.

“We outline all of this in the strategy element of our work, transforming your business is a serious business and we don’t guess or play at it, we work it all out in advance”.  

“We prevent it from becoming about vanity by making it all about revenue…”    S

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We find a lot of organisations notice all this ‘stuff’ happening on Social Media and think “right that’s it, we need to start throwing any old content onto LinkedIn and quickly!!”

The problem with this that is it’s putting the horse before the cart. It’s like deciding to build a house and all agreeing that the very first thing you should do is buy a sofa and some curtains…

We start with the strategy which lays down the solid foundation. This is the anchor point that will keep us on track throughout out Social journey. We iron out what this means, our mission and what we must achieve.

All of what you do on Social Media from now on is anchored to your strategy, an agreed set of results and numbers.

We are doing this for revenue…it’s all about revenue.

We then take the team through a 12-week Social Selling & Influence training programme with individual 1 to 1 coaching throughout. Everyone receives the same training and then each person is coached in their own specific terms, tone, and pace.

A client recently said in some feedback…

“The one-to-one catch-ups are gold! Having to fulfil specific tasks each step of the way helped understand and back the "why" you ultimately find for yourself and your business coming to Social Selling & Influence”.

The 1 to 1 element is where we tailor this to everyone and develop their individual strengths and voice. This allows the more seasoned Social player to excel and those who are newer to the party to find their groove and build a foundation.

This isn't just about showing people the value, our aim is to leave you and your team with a stable platform for growth.  A solid set of digital skills which you can develop and which all speak to a company changing strategy and results. 

This is not a transaction, it’s the very definition of business transformation.

It’s no longer a question of whether Social Selling & influence ‘works’ that’s a given, the question is now whether the organisation is open minded, has a progressive culture and is committed to alter course and accept things have changed.

As another client said about our Social Selling & Influence programme “It's hard work, and disruptive, but the results are clear and what you need if you want to dominate the digital space”.

In the roaring 2020’s, its important your team have all the digital skills they need to be able to network, prospect, develop and close business all online.

Live Social '21

Eric Doyle

CruxDLA Ignite