Cold calling.
Cold email.
Look at the term we have called it.


It took me so long to make a mark on this process. But when I found my spot, and my reason behind it, I became an expert.

There's a but..

As I got older and wiser as a sales professional I always wondered why I still had to make calls, still had to make the KPI target of X of this, and Y of that.

And no telesales team ever put me in front of a red hot lead. NEVER.
I made my own calls, well researched, well informed and with purpose. But I found a better way, moving with the motions of buying and selling.

You call, they say "Wow, I was waiting for your call", said no one ever.

B2B on social is here. The 00's are gone. 👀

Social Selling gives space. To breathe. To write, to talk, to communicate a message. No push, no disturbing, no pressure. A KPI which gives you digital dominance.

Relaxed social engagement on social media. No COLD worries hear. Invited discussions.


So, if you are tired of calling, tired of emailing and tired of doing what you have done for the last X years, and you want to be more 'CONTENT' in what you do….. Talk to me.


Be you. Be social.

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