Adam Gray my Co-Founder and I was looking up an "Influencer" on Twitter the other day and the Twitter stream went like this:-

Tweet 1 - Instagram dual post.  The person had posted on Instagram and dual posted onto Twitter.  They had done it in Instagram and that doesn't bring the image through, so you end up with a spammy looking link.

Tweet 2 - post, again an automated post. posts went out of fashion some two years ago.

Two more instagram posts, dual posted and the images didn't pull through.  Then posts.

The first 7 tweets were all automated.

So what engagement did this "influencer" have?  None.  No RTs, no likes, nothing.

They are talking to themselves.  A senior manager at my previous company once said to me "let's automate social media and go back to our day jobs".  Consumers both B2C and B2B are not stupid, they can see when somebody doesn't care and they automate social media.

Your social media channels are a reflection of you.  People will judge you.  If you are clever, funny, somebody they want to engage with.  At my previous company I would get salespeople coming to me and saying "how do I get more than 200 followers?".  By stop posting all that boring corporate content was always by answer.

People want insight, they want to be educated, they want to find information they cannot find anywhere else.

Stop automating social, engage, be interesting.