I'm not sure this comes to surprise to anybody, apart from people who have a vested interest in the old legacy ways of sales and marketing.

We all use social and we all use content marketing.  Content marketing isn't new, the Michelin Guide created by the Michelin tyre company was classic 1900 content marketing.  The assumption being, that if they gave you a guide of places to go and eat, you would travel there and Michelin would sell more tyres of the back of it.

The same with with this blog post, you read it, tells you nothiung about DLA www.social-experts.net but it gives you a feel we know what we are talking about.

I would be so bold as say if you are not into content marketing, you are not visible to the modern buyer and therefore leaving money on the table.  Content marketing, is not corporate marketing, which most people ignores because you will tell everybody how great you are.  Have I told you how great DLA is, no, don't need to.

So cut the corporate marketing, and get into content marketing and start using social as your distribution network.  The distribution network is critical to distribute the content, of course.