Content marketing is not new and is also easy.  This blog is after all, content marketing.

As consumers in the B2B or B2C world we are board and irritated at being sold to.  In fact we now tune out adverts, crappy content, spam emails.  It's a new skill we have in the modern world.  And when presented with adverts or crap content, we just swipe and it's gone.  It's that easy.

All of us want insight, education, to laugh ... something that will make our jobs easier.  But we don't want somebody to shove it in our faces.  It does not work like that anymore.

Gone are the days where a brand could stand on top of a building and shout.  We know want engagement, a conversation, to belong.  Again, none of this is new, we have wanted engagement, a conversation and wanted to belong since we formed tribes in African.

We also want people to be human.  The biggest thing that brands have now, is not the brand, it's the people (your friends and my friends) who work there.

The challenge is activating that and breaking away from the need to advertise and pitch.