According to this article 70% of change programs fail, and they fail because, either the management don't fully support them or the employees are not taken along.  That's all very good but what about the programs that require change but people don't realise require change.

Social selling perhaps?

Yesterday I had lunch with somebody I was explaining how we don't need to do any cold outreach as business comes to us.  We get 3 pieces of inbound everyday.  I know for some of you 3 leads arriving at your doorstep everyday isn't much, but we only have 12 people.  Of course if you had 100,000 people it would scale up.  We do this, by putting out a piece of new, evergreen content every day.  What does that content look like?  You are reading a piece.

At lunch the person told me he had seen salespeople write content and nothing happened.  When I dug deeper, what happened was

1. Nobody explained to the salespeople why they were writing content.

2. Nobody trained the salespeople to write content. 

3.  Nobody thought about how to distribute the content.  It was assumed, you write content and magic happens.  Write it and they will come.

I'm sorry to say that social selling, requires a new way of working and unless you realise that change is required.  Which means the management need to understand why you are doing it and everybody in the company "gets it" you might find you become another statistic.